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Scuola Politecnica di Design

Client: Alce Nero

The history of preserves takes us back into the history of food itself: 

Our ancestors didn’t have much food available.


Wasting food wasn’t an option. They had to come up with a way to make their hard-won food last longer.


Salt, sugar, spices and glass jars... lots of ingredients and methods were used to slow down the effects of time on food. That’s why preserves are one of the most traditional and widely used ways of keeping food edible. It preserves not only the value of nature’s work but also preserves the value of human labor behind it.

A jar of preserves is a time capsule where nothing is wasted.
A jar of preserves reminds us all about the value of food, the value of time and is also a kind reminder to take care of what is important.

The Jar  

A 3-storey shop that preserves the history of food

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LEVEL 0 (ground floor)

Preserves are a starting point for many recipes.


Enjoy a taste of the different possibilities at our indoor orchard cafe and preserve store where you can also learn about our organic farmers - who number over a thousand - and the different types of preserves we offer.

After a tasting, head downstairs to experience our preserving process or purchase a finished product from the shelves

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LEVEL -1 (underground)

Travel in time to our historical show kitchen and preserves library.


Learn about the history and value of preserves in our society. 

Watch our Fruit and Vegetable Preserve making process, where you can confirm Alce Nero's promise of No pectin, 100% Organic fruits and short cooking times.

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LEVEL -2 (underground)

Alce Nero's story is a starting point and a bridge leading to many different stories - including your own.

Add your story to our preserve bank by personalising your preserve jars at the underground bunker.

Choose to either take it home with you or store it for the future.

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